16 Weeks Old – Nap time

Wow that went quick. It has been more motherhood than millinery. Hats off (sorry) to the women that set up businesses on maternity leave. I have found that looking after the little one is not only a full-time job, but one that means you are on call 24 hours a day , 7 days a week with no leave. To make matters trickier, as she refuses a bottle, the longest break I can take away from her is 3 hours MAX.

Not that I begrudge that. I’m loving being Mummy, it really is such a special (and short) time.

 I’ve heard the arguments from people with out children; they just nap all day, what are you doing with your time? To be honest 16 weeks ago I sort of thought the same. I believed I would be able to juggle things and be much further on in terms of hat making and marketing.

Well the truth is that nap time, when she decides to take a nap some where other than in my arms, is time get dressed, make a cup of tea and eat, Perhaps if it’s a long nap I’ll tidy the house and wash clothes covered in baby sick and poo. Showers happen at the gym, the crèche is my life line a couple of hours each week when I get to look after me.

Then there are the baby classes, Islington Council provide a great selection at the local children’s centres which are all brilliant and to be honest are teaching me how to play with her, after dangling a few toys in her face I realised that I didn’t really have a clue how to interact with her, but thankfully I’m learning fast. My favourites are Baby Massage and yoga and Baby bounce. We have also joined Gymboree.

We also socialise with the other Mums , especially the ones I met on the NCT class. A lovely group of ladies, this time is pretty essential too as it is a chance to compare baby notes /  check your own thinking is sane.

 The rest of the time when she is awake is play time or food time or bath time.

I am starting to try a little bit of hat making, but it’s very slow. Harri is napping now, I’ve altered the priority’s today, no baby classes or gym, I am ignoring the my lack of make up , rumbling belly and the state of the house, which has given me time to type my blog, I’ll hopefully get better at balancing my time. But in terms of priorities it generally goes Harri, Mummy, House, Hats