3 ½ weeks old – Nothing Else Matters

I should have written this weeks ago.

My perfect little girl Harri is here. Born 12th Jan , a huge and healthy 9lbs.

I don’t think anybody realises before the event what an all-consuming thing having a child is. I certainly had no clue about the reality of breast-feeding , or how injured I would feel post birth or the  frustration of not being in good physical shape when all you want to do is look after your baby.

I am recovering now and starting to experiment with multi tasking. I am typing this blog one-handed while I’m feeding Harri . It is still way to early to try doing much beyond day-to-day living and looking after the little hungry one. But that’s fine , she will not be this tiny for long and in the middle of the night I find myself humming Metallica to her ‘Nothing Else Matters’– it really is true , my baby is the most important thing in my world .092