29 Weeks Pregnant – Calm Before the storm

All is good in baby in land, the mid wife is happy with the size of the bump,  baby kicks regularly and pregnancy isn’t slowing me down.  It’s not going to last, I’ve been warned, in another month or so bump will be huge. I should be making the most of this time, designing lots of hats, seeing friends, going to the gym having a life while I still can.

Umm, the thing is baby hormones are controlling my brain.  Once I start to think that bump needs something internet shopping takes over.   It’s not that I’m spending a fortune on it. Half the fun of shopping is finding a good deal.  The issue is the amount of time it’s consuming. Take yesterday, I decided, despite the fact we still have over 10 weeks to go, that bump really needs her first clothes.

After the first hour or so it became clear that nearly all the big retailers offer good value  new-born  multi packs in white, baby pink/blue, or a grey cute animal theme. ( I did a pretty comprehensive comparative shop).  Pricing across the main retailers is all pretty similar too, but the generic baby look not quite what I had in mind.

New born hats are a particular problem. There are plenty of bright colours and cool designs in organic cotton from small independent retailers,  if your happy to spend £6 + on just one hat that may, or may not fit your newborn, but if you’d like to have less generic basics in bright colours/ non-cutesy designs at a sensible price it’s tough. I am the only person finding this?

After hours of hunting for the best option I settled on F&F from Tesco. Multi pack baby suits in bright colours £5 for 5  – cheap enough to buy multiple sizes if baby isn’t ‘new born’ size at birth; Grey/ spotty baby hats 2 for £4 , and 2 pack scratch mitts with a funky star print £1. They will also deliver to my local metro store for free! ( no waiting in all day)

Mission accomplished, now to do other things……what’s next on the baby shopping list?