16 Weeks Old – Nap time

Wow that went quick. It has been more motherhood than millinery. Hats off (sorry) to the women that set up businesses on maternity leave. I have found that looking after the little one… Continue reading

3 ½ weeks old – Nothing Else Matters

I should have written this weeks ago. My perfect little girl Harri is here. Born 12th Jan , a huge and healthy 9lbs. I don’t think anybody realises before the event what an… Continue reading

39 Weeks + 4 days – Ready and Waiting

Over  half of the Ladies from my NCT group have had their babies; sadly I am not in that half. I am sat here typing, waiting, and praying that at any moment I… Continue reading

Week 36 – Going Swimmingly

The pregnancy that is, not the hat making. At this stage  there is no doubt about it pregnancy is slowing me down. I’m just about managing to go swimming once a week but… Continue reading

Christmas Hats

  The elves have been busy creating these super cute Bauble Berets. Ready to Wear and in time for the festive season.   email, saravandenbon@hotmail.co.uk to order yours today.  £65 each including UK P&P.

Week 34 – The Art of Procrastination

The last 3 weeks since my earlier post have drifted by effortlessly. After the spurt of energy getting ready for baby, I suddenly realised that we were pretty much organised with 8 to… Continue reading

Week 31 – Hats on Hold – Bump is taking over

Taking over in every way imaginable. My body is no longer my own – it’s being shared with an active wriggly thing that just keeps growing with no regard for my bladder. My… Continue reading

Happy (almost) Halloween

I’m really looking forward to  Halloween this year, not because we have a big party planned, but  it does  give me a good excuse to parade around the house in this witches hat… Continue reading

29 Weeks Pregnant – Calm Before the storm

All is good in baby in land, the mid wife is happy with the size of the bump,  baby kicks regularly and pregnancy isn’t slowing me down.  It’s not going to last, I’ve… Continue reading

Millinery Marketing – we have lift off!!

Its taken a while but I have made real progress on the hats this week. Not only do I have a commission but both the bridal and the AW12 ranges are ready to… Continue reading